Responsible Locally Relevant Travel Policy

      As a responsible tour operator, we are working hard to ensure that the tourism operations we have benefit the host communities and local and national economies as well as having a minimal impact on the natural environment. Everywhere we go, we always try to support the local service providers and promote environment friendly tourism, believing that this will greatly contribute to improving the life of local people and will raise their awareness to wildlife and nature conservation.
Care for the environment

Flask and mug       Wild Herzegovina aims to limit our impact on the environment in several ways. When on tour, we aim to preserve and protect delicate ecosystems, wildlife and natural habitats by following strict rules that minimise the effects of our presence in an area. We also reduce waste and pollution and recycle, repair and reuse what we can.
      To eliminate single use plastic on the tours and pollution it creates, every participant will be provided with good quality stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle and tea/coffee mug which they can take home after the tour. We say no to plastic spoons and straws.
Support the local economy (your money stays locally)

      We ensure that local economies benefit from our business by using locally-owned accommodation, and restaurants employing local people, sourcing food from locally-owned stores and eating and drinking in local bars and restaurants (promote local dishes and local ingredients, with market-to-table experiences). In doing so, we are not only investing in local communities but also offering our travellers a genuine insight into a country and its people. Simply by doing this, you’re helping to bring more employment and business opportunities to locals in every community we visit.
      We have an excellent long-term relationship with small family run guesthouses and small restaurants, so the economic benefit is ongoing. Working with local small-size businesses gives them a fair chance of doing business in a world dominated by big hotels and impersonal services. It also improves our guests’ access to the local culture through their hospitable hosts.
  • Baba Olga
Baba Olga and her jars of local honey and local honey and herbs infused grappa.

  • Stoja
Stoja's traditionaly made bread in her family run restaurant.

  • Sevdija
Sevdija's home made juices made from wild foraged fruits and herbs.
We care about places

All our tours are designed to minimise negative impacts on the natural environment. That’s why our group tours are run with a maximum of 12 participants. If we enter nature-protected areas, we follow their regulations. We carry out all non-biodegradable waste, to not leave any trace. If we see trash on the way, we might ask you to help us collect it and take away.