Food       What better way to enjoy birding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, than by tasting the culinary delights of the country. Enjoy traditional dishes from the region and spoil your taste buds by sampling local specialities. Herzegovina is blessed with plentiful, seasonal produce which can be enjoyed in the country's many restaurants. Bosnian cuisine concentrates on the produce, preparation of food, and is heavily influenced by both the East and West. Our dishes have traces of Turkish, Greek, and other Mediterranean cuisines.
Food       A continental style breakfast will be served at the guest house - a selection of freshly baked bread/rolls, home made locally produced milk, butter, cheese, jams and honey, fruit yogurts, pates, eggs, salami, orange juice, fresh fruit, coffee and tea (regular and decaffeinated).


      "Breakfast was delicious and Edin, the owner, was very solicitous, making sure we had everything we needed."

- Richard & Jean Attenborrow

      "A tasty breakfast was served by Edin who ensured we had everything we wanted and he went out of his way to cater for individual tastes."

- Kathy Gay

      "The proprietor was so helpful, always on hand, and couldn't do enough for us and put himself out to provide a breakfast to suit us."

- Jenny & David Wright

      "The owners Edin and Saudina were very friendly and welcoming. They were happy to provide a vegan breakfast for us, including a variety of local bread rolls with home-made ajvar (vegetable spread) and jams (quince, Cornelian cherry and sour cherry), and proper Bosnian coffee upon request."

- Stephen Rigden & Claire Langford

      "The owner was cheerful, well-organised and quick to meet requests about our comfort, or breakfast, which was taken on an elevated patio from which we could hear Nightingale and Golden Oriole!"

- Mike Blair & Sue Fleming
Food       Snacks (fruit, good quality sandwiches), flask of coffee and bottled water will be provided throughout the day while you're birdwatching.
May is the month when seasonal food gets really colourful, with strawberies and cherries coming into season.

Packed Lunch
Food       We will have a plentiful and tasty packed lunch during our visit to the Dinaric Alps and Hutovo Blato Marshlands.

Food       Your birdwatching holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina will include a little gastro tour of Herzegovina. Tasting the local cuisine is one of the best ways to get a true feel for a country. Each day, after our morning birdwatching session, we will visit the best restaurants in the area and sample a variety of locally produced food and wine. I promise you will not get bored.
Food       Restaurant "Konoba Taurus"

      At the end of each day, we will have dinner in a lovely restaurant in the historic quarter of Mostar, just 50 m from the Old Bridge.

      The restaurant serves wide range of traditional dishes and wines from Herzegovina and Dalmatia, and has a fantastic view of the river Radobolja - Neretva tributary.


      "The local breads are reminiscent of what our grannies used to bake some 60 years ago and the restaurant food is startingly good all round. Perhaps our favourite meal was at a riverside restaurant; the outdoor tables were on an island reached by a handrailâ€?free bridge, where we were served trout that had been captured that morning... "

      "Evening meals were at a superb restaurant in the Old Town beside a stream that feeds into the Neretva River just below Mostar Bridge. The menu was extensive and varied and the hospitality wonderful. The roast vegetables were addictive!"

- Mike Blair & Sue Fleming

      "Food was also an important part of our stay. Trying local specialities, eating in small local restaurants and having local honey, fantastic bread, herb tea, local cheeses and fish was all very "tasty!" Local wine and beer are also worth having!"

- Iris de Carteret & Brian Shepherd

      "I think we all agreed that the restaurant we used all week was perfect in every way. Consistently excellent meals in friendly surroundings with great staff."

- John Cottis & Barbara Padbury

      "And, just like last year, the three–course dinners at Konoba Taurus were truly exceptional – we have never been as well looked after as we have by the team at Taurus."

- Stephen Rigden & Claire Langford

      "...Then there was the food! All the restaurants we visited at lunchtime and in the evening were exceptionally good and it was a real pleasure to enjoy such high quality and varied meals in such good company."

- Martin Francis
Meeting people with home grown produce
  • Local honey
Baba Olga and her jars of local honey and other produce.
  • home made juices
Sevdija's home made juices made from wild foraged fruits and herbs.
  • Taurus restaurant
Taurus restaurant.
  • Taurus restaurant
Taurus restaurant.